Swing. Groove. Improve

SkyGolf launched the SkyPro swing analyzer app at the PGA Show in 2013. The strategy was to use the app to sell the SkyPro device. We did this by making recorded swings in the app sharable. Golfers could record their swing on a SkyPro device via in store demo or through a SkyPro user on the range and email it to themselves. They would then download the free app and have their analysis right on the phone. Groove sessions were created in the app to add a gamification element so golfers were encouraged to practice with the SkyPro and earn badgers. The strategy around the external marketing for SkyPro was to help golfers perfect their practice.

The core messaging centered around giving golfers the opportunity, for the first time, quality feedback and tips so they can practice with a purpose instead of just going to the range aimlessly. The debut at the 2013 PGA Show earned an editor’s pick nod from Golf Digest and to date has recorded over 1 million swings.

The work included:

strategy / web and mobile UX / copywriting / social media marketing / product design / video