Anyone Who Keeps Learning Stays Young. -Henry Ford

The Value of Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the on-going, self-motivated, permissive learning which effects everyday habits. When there is a habit of continual learning, there will be growth in a variety of areas.  When a person becomes a lifelong learner, they decide to stay vibrant and relevant. This vibrancy will permeate several areas of your life, including relationships, home,…

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Magnifying Marketing-an interns perspective on digital Communication

Magnifying Marketing: A Fresh Perspective

Looking back, my first memory of beginning to understand the effects of marketing and advertising happened when I was around ten years old. Growing up, I would see television advertisements for Easy Bake Ovens, Polly Pockets or Pokemon and immediately feel the desire to convince my parents to take me to the local mall to…

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TEDxGreensboro - Wonder

TEDxGreensboro 2018

Magnetic Ideas is proud to be a sponsor of TEDxGreensboro for the 6th year in a row. Our founder, Jeff SanGeorge, is on the TEDxGreensboro planning committee, and Magnetic Ideas contributes to digital marketing strategy, social media, and more. We were able to use strong Wonder event branding by Shane Lucas from A Great Idea to help propel event promotion…

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Heart in white powder - Holiday gifts from the heart, Show Appreciation at the Holidays

Show Appreciation at the Holidays

My father knew the value of relationships.  As a commission-based salesman, he was never one to miss an opportunity to show his appreciation to his clients. One of the best things he did was each Holiday season, he gave each of his customers and vendors a tray of beautiful homemade Italian Christmas cookies. The first…

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The surface of the Moon

Never Tell Me the Sky’s the Limit

Never limit yourself, and don’t accept the limits others impose on you. Even if they are trying to help! The truth is, we don’t know where we are going to go, we don’t know just how high we will soar. But if we limit ourselves based on what others have done it the past, there…

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Joy and Peace - Christmas Holidays

Joy and Peace

How would you describe the holiday season in just a few words? This is pretty much the exercise that I went through while writing and designing this year’s Magnetic Ideas Holiday cards. How does one encapsulate the entire holiday season in such a small window? What two words would you choose? Here are the words…

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Life is about creating yourself

Life is About Creating Yourself

My high school basketball coach once told me, “Forget about that bull about going to California and finding yourself. Go to college and get a job, work hard and then life will make sense to you.” He was addressing the whole team, but he was looking directly at me, the artsy kid that the team had (affectionately) nicknamed Moon Jockey….

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Do It

Find Something You Love To Do

  “Find something you love to do and then… do it for the rest of your life” –Max Fischer, Rushmore Wes Anderson’s Rushmore is one of our favorite high school movies. Max Fischer, played by then unknown Jason Schwartzman, tells us the secret. I believe if you grasp this one idea you will have more fun,…

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Comfort Zone

  Some of us work our whole lives with the goal of being comfortable. We strive for a comfortable home, a comfortable car, income, etc. There was a time that I subscribed to that type of thinking; life would be better if I could just be “comfortable”. I think it was the cable TV show…

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Happy New Year 2020, the future begins now

The Future Begins Now

Each new year brings new hardships and new opportunities. I’ve recently heard many people express their relief that the recent year has ended. At first, I was inclined to join them. This was a difficult year for me in many ways and when I look back, the bad things are the things that tend to…

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