Content Marketing Trends – 2013

2013 Content Marketing Trends [INFOGRAPHIC] from Salesforce Some excellent information, statistics, and insights into the current state of Content Marketing from Most people wouldn’t consider Customer Testimonials content marketing, but according to this research, it’s something not to be underestimated!

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Original TEDxGreensboro graphic- planting ideas

TEDx City 2.0 Poster Remix

One of the cool projects we donate our time to is TEDx Greensboro. As huge fans of the original TED, we love being able to support our local community through the organization that has inspired so many and brought life changing ideas to the world. Last week we submitted a poster for the TEDx City…

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Making Trust Deposits

Trust is Currency

Recently, I revisited Edelman’s Trust Barometer for 2013. It is an annual study that measures the public’s trust in different markets and industries. I encourage you to skim the study and see where your industry ranks. Then, look at your communications strategy and make sure your efforts are taking advantage of the areas where trust is…

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Girl with finger to mouth saying shhhh

A (Not Too)Secret Formula For Effective Copywriting

Copywriting is as important now as it has ever been. People are bombarded with thousands of messages a day and it’s harder to send signal instead of noise to our audiences. A few weeks ago we released a framework for creating search optimized content. Today we’ll share a simple formula for copywriting that will help you sell…

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Imagination -seed pod- Albert Einstein

Imagination – The True Sign of Intelligence

Knowledge is crucial, especially in the digital world, but what is knowledge without the power to use it. Imagination allows us to take knowledge and apply it in creative and innovative ways. Never discount the power of human imagination. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century knew its value, here is…

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