the tie is always right to do what is right - MLK

The Time is Always Right to do What is Right

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. Today we celebrate his life for MLK day. As I searched the internet I found countless inspirational quotes by him, but, for some reason, the simplicity this quote stuck out for me. Maybe because is seems to be a call to action to do…

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What Makes You Come Alive

I recently read a article called Navigating Stuckness. As someone who is no stranger to stuckness, I was immediately drawn to this piece. Jonathan Harris recounts various phases in his life, and looks at his life as a whole trying to deduce a pattern, and ask the really hard question “what’s next”. As those who have…

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How To Tell Better Stories By Watching The Winter Games

In a few weeks the Winter Games kickoff in Sochi. This means that people around the world will tune in to watch sports only care about every four years. You know why? Because we love stories. And the Olympics is as much about the story as it is about the sport. As you get pulled…

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The 3 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Content marketing is one of the things we love to help clients with. Three of the biggest challenges that come up often are time concerns, fear and doubt. Many companies don’t believe they have enough time to spend creating good content. They are scared because they will give away too much so clients won’t need…

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Do Good

Believe it or not the holiday season is here again. One of the best things about the holidays is that it causes us to briefly stop thinking about ourselves, and to start thinking about others. This season think about doing something for someone who can’t repay you. Out of all the messaging and calls to actions…

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USA at Night- from NASA

Meaningful Data

There is a lot of lazy marketing these days. Companies shoot themselves in the foot by not doing the work required to think through what strategies and tactics will lead to growing their businesses. Tom Webster talks about people making decisions based on “junk science” instead of figuring out if the data is relevant/accurate and why….

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Ernest Hemingway in Cuba

Ernest Hemingway on Writing

Just in time for Halloween, we bring you this “bloody” quote from Ernest Hemingway. This quote can be just as true for life in general, as it is for writing. Pour out a piece of yourself in your endeavors and the work will be good and true. The lesson: great work comes at a personal cost. Are…

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Cool Links: Volume One (WhatUpdate Archive)

Every two weeks we publish a newsletter highlighting the best marketing news called the WhatUpdate. In fact, the next issue is coming out this week. If you’re interested in signing up, click here. Our goal is to save you time by giving you relevant and timely information that you can use in your business. Also included in the WhatUpdate…

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Creative Atmosphere

I want to share one of my favorite videos with you. It’s from Ben Chestnut, founder of the email service provider, Mailchimp. You may know who they are or have noticed the little monkey (his name is Freddie) at the bottom of the Whatupdate (You do subscribe to the Whatupdate don’t you?) If you don’t have…

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